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Your Baby's First

Henderson NV Children's Dental CareThere’s a first time for everything! When you have a baby, it seems like every day they are experiencing a new first. Remember the first time you walked in your sweetpea’s bedroom to find her not in the same position that you left her? How about the first time he sat up on his own. How did she respond to her first sampling of baby food? It’s a daily surprise of firsts with a little one.

Dentally speaking, there are many firsts that happen. Your baby’s bottom middle teeth usually emerge between 4 and 7 months. However, tooth development is started during the first six weeks into the gestation period. Tooth buds commence forming under the gums during the eighth week of gestation.

At Amber Hills Dental we recommend that you book your child’s first dental appointment at six months. It may seem early to book your appointment at such a young age, however during this time we can discuss and evaluate current habits, diet and hygiene to set your baby up for a healthy smile. The appointment will be relatively quick, and no treatment will likely take place.

During this appointment, Dr. Villamayor at Amber Hills Dental will establish a great first impression with your baby. She knows the importance of creating and maintaining a positive relationship with her patients both young and old.

Call Amber Hills Dental today and book your six-month old 1st appointment today. We offer all kinds of pediatric dentistry to we can treat every member of your family.

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