Cleanings & Checkups

If you could do one thing to protect your family's oral health, preventive care would be the top priority. Cleanings and checkups performed on a regular basis can prevent many serious oral health issues and catch any issues before they become larger dental problems. Whether it is just you or you have several smiles in your family to care for, let our team at Amber Hills Dental help. With routine cleanings and checkups, we can help reduce the chance of many dental issues and keep the smiles in your family healthy.

Regardless of how religious you are about performing your personal oral care, professional cleanings are still paramount in preventing dental and oral issues. There are just some areas between teeth and around back molars that are hard to keep clean. We recommend our patients come in for at least two cleanings per year for optimal preventive help. This can help prevent decay and gum disease. For those with periodontal issues, more frequent and deeper cleanings may be needed.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

Cleaning helps prevent many oral health issues; comprehensive dental exams help catch them when they start. A tiny crack in a tooth may not even hurt or be visible when it happens. However, if left untreated, it can allow bacteria and decay inside the tooth and lead to cavities, root canal therapy or even extraction. Regular exams can catch small issues so you can have them treated right away. In the long run, it can save you money; a small crack repair is a drop in the bucket compared to more extensive repairs like root canal therapy. Plus, you want to maintain good oral health to protect your smile for many years to come.

If you come to Amber Hills Dental for one service, it should be your cleanings and checkups. Most dental insurance plans cover these services in full. If you do not have insurance, we have a discount plan to give your family this valuable care that is so vital to your oral health. Contact us today to schedule you and your family’s next exams and cleanings – we have family block appointments available for your convenience.

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