Children's Dentistry

You want your children to have the best in dental care services and that includes choosing a dentist that will provide excellent care for their smiles. Our team at Amber Hills Dental is dedicated to providing a warm, friendly atmosphere for kids to get the dental care they need. Our little patients make our day when they walk through the door and we give them the best possible care for their growing smiles.

Dental Cleanings: While bringing your child in for dental cleanings twice each year serves as an important preventative measure against early tooth decay, it also ensures that food deposits and plaque buildup are removed effectively. With professional cleaning and good oral care at home, your child is sure to have a healthy, beautiful smile.

Dental Fillings: When decay is detected on any portion of a child's tooth, Dental Fillings are the perfect solution to restore the tooth and prevent further decay. After the decay is removed, the exposed portion of the tooth is filled with composite resin or silver amalgam filling material. The size of the cavity and where it is located will likely determine the material used.

Dental Sealants: A simple and painless process, Dental Sealants are thin, plastic coatings that are painted on teeth that may require more protection against decay, such as back teeth containing pits and grooves. Children are recommended to get Sealants on back teeth soon after they erupt to prevent food particles and bacteria from settling into hard to reach places.

Fluoride Treatment: While fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in foods and water, teeth continuously lose minerals when exposed to plaque and acids from sugar. Fluoride Treatment makes teeth more resistant to the effects of acid, and can even reverse early tooth decay. As a preventative measure, Fluoride Treatment is often recommended during regular cleaning appointments.

Stainless Steel Crowns: Stainless Steel Crowns are one of the best solutions for badly decayed baby teeth. Stainless Steel Crowns fully encase the tooth, protecting the tooth from further decay. As a relatively inexpensive dental restoration, Stainless Steel Crowns are durable and more successful than metal fillings, especially in children under age 4.

First Time Appointments for Six-Month Olds: While the idea of an early dental visit at six months old may seem surprising to some, studies show that the number of preschool-aged children with cavities is increasing. While your child's first dental visit will be short and is not likely to involve any treatment, it is important to give your child a positive and friendly first impression while allowing the dentist to check for signs of early decay and to discuss how to prevent common oral health problems.

Amenities - Children's Play Area
Amenities - Video Games, Music, Netflix
Amenities - Children's Play Area

We Love Your Kids!

Kids need special care for their teeth and a dental team that enjoys working with youngsters. Our team at Amber Hills Dental loves kids and wants to make coming to the dentist an enjoyable experience for them. We take the time to make them feel comfortable and have many amenities they love, from our children's play area to our flat screen TVs in the treatment rooms where they can watch a show or play video games. We want your kids to grow up without any fear of the dentist so they can have healthy smiles that last a lifetime.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your child or your entire family.

Family Scheduling

If you have two or more children, dental appointments are just one more thing to add into a busy lifestyle. We make it easy to get the dental care your children need with family block appointments. Bring the whole family in at one time for checkups, cleanings and other dental treatments to save you time and stay on track with everyone's oral health.

Gentle + Caring Treatment

It is our goal at Amber Hills Dental to make sure your children have a good experience when they come to our office. We take the time to make them feel comfortable while they get the dental care they need. Going to the dentist does not need to be scary for children when they have dental professionals that are trained to work with kids and enjoy the opportunity to care for their smiles.