Sedation Dentistry

There is no shame in admitting that dental treatments cause you to experience anxiety. It is a very common issue that many people share. At Amber Hills Dental, we make it our goal to provide a caring, calm atmosphere to put our patients at ease. We offer cozy treatment rooms, wireless headphones and access to Netflix shows on a flat screen TV. Yet even with all our efforts, we know some patients need a little more help to relax. We offer sedation dentistry that can help ensure our patients have a completely pain and stress-free experience when coming to us for their dental care.

Nitrous Oxide

For those with mild to moderate dental anxiety, a safe and effective sedation method is the use of nitrous oxide. This has been referred to as ‘laughing gas’ for many decades, putting patients at ease while they receive their dental care. This sedation can be used for children or adults, allowing them to relax while their treatments are performed. Patients are awake while under the effects of the gas and can still communicate freely. Once the gas is removed from the breathing apparatus, a few deep breaths of fresh air dissipates the nitrous oxide from the body and the mind is clear again.

Our team at Amber Hills Dental is happy to offer sedation dentistry to make our patients comfortable and stress-free. Contact our office today to learn more about our sedation and other dental services.

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