Tooth Extractions

No one wants to undergo a tooth extraction, but sometimes, this general dentistry procedure is necessary. Our job at Amber Hills Dental is to protect our patient’s health and in some cases, that means removing a tooth. It is always our goal to save a tooth if we can, but if it needs to be removed, we make sure our patient is comfortable and has a stress-free experience.


Tooth removal is usually a routine procedure. In most cases, it only takes a few minutes once the anesthesia takes hold. However, there can be complications and that is when you want an experienced dentist on your side. Larger teeth like your back molars can have up to four roots to extract. If one of these roots grows strangely or becomes hooked on another tooth or bone, it may take extra work to free the tooth. Dr. Villamayor is experienced at tooth extraction and oral surgery, making her the dentist you want performing even what start as routine extractions. She knows the best techniques to handle these rare, but possible complications.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Most teeth are not removed unless they are unhealthy or extremely damaged. Wisdom teeth are the only ones that are routinely pulled when they are brand new and free from decay or damage. The reason for this is they can cause many other dental problems. If they become impacted, they can grow toward other teeth or out the side of the gum. Some never come out of the gum at all. This can cause misaligned teeth, pain, infection and even bone loss.

At Amber Hills Dental, we like to monitor wisdom tooth growth when they begin to form in the late teens and early twenties. If they begin to cause issues, we can proactively remove them. Some people prefer to have wisdom teeth removed as a preventive measure, especially if it is common for people in their family to have problems with wisdom teeth.

We offer gentle, comfortable tooth extractions at our office. If you prefer, we have sedation dentistry if you have anxiety about tooth removal. Contact Amber Hills Dental today to find out more.

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