Teeth Whitening

If you wish your teeth could have that youthful glow again, they can with professional teeth whitening. As part of our cosmetic dentistry treatments at Amber Hills Dental, we can help you get a new smile that looks younger and healthier with our teeth bleaching options.

Your teeth are porous and can change color as they are exposed to different substances. If you are or were a smoker, you know how nicotine can yellow your teeth. Coffee, tea and red wine are other common culprits. Even healthy dark berries and certain bright spices can leave their mark on your teeth. Plus, the aging process naturally dulls the enamel. Over the course of your life, you lose the bright smile you had when you were younger. But professional whitening can bring it back, safely and effectively. Contact Amber Hills Dental today to schedule a consultation about teeth whitening.

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woman with a bright, white smile

Professional Bleaching

There are many products available in stores that claim to whiten teeth, from strips and gels to toothpastes and gums. While some can whiten to a certain degree, they cannot compare to the results from professional bleaching. At Amber Hills Dental, our teeth whitening options can evenly whiten your smile quicker and with better results. Plus, we ensure that the methods we use are safe for your teeth, protecting your enamel from damage.

A whiter, brighter smile is one of the quickest ways to make you look years younger and improve your appearance. Erase the stains and dullness that have changed your teeth over the years. Call our office to find out about our professional teeth whitening options. Are you new to Amber Hills Dental? Check out our new patient specials and coupons for great deals and discounts that may include professional whitening for your smile.