Emergency Dentistry in Henderson

A severe toothache, broken tooth or loose dental crown can all be considered dental emergencies. You do not want to put off getting a tooth repaired just because you do not have a dental appointment scheduled. At Amber Hills Dental, we are here for you when you need immediate dental care in an emergency. Just call our team and explain the issue – we will always do our best to see you the same day or schedule you for the next available appointment.


When It’s Considered an Emergency

While common dental emergencies do include a broken or knocked-out tooth, they aren’t the only scenarios that call for attention. Ongoing tooth pain, bleeding gums, or abnormal bumps can warrant emergency dental care as well. If you’re questioning whether your dental issue is an urgent situtation, we encourage you to contact us immediately. It is always better to seek a professional opinion rather than ignoring your pain.

Skip the Wait

You may be able to get medical care at the emergency room but it may not help in a dental crisis. Urgent medical care centers and hospital emergency rooms are not equipped to handle dental problems. Do not waste time waiting with the crowds just to leave without the treatment you need. Call us first at Amber Hills Dental. We have extended hours and Saturday availability to take care of your urgent dental needs. We even offer same day appointments when possible.

Prevention is Key

Your teeth are an important part of your overall health. While a painful dental issue will probably ensure you get in to see a dentist, many emergency issues can be prevented with routine care. Your broken tooth may have had a small crack in it for months that could have been easily repaired during a routine checkup. At Amber Hills Dental, we would prefer to save you the pain and expense of a major dental issue if we can. But when you do need urgent care, we are here to resolve the issue right away and ensure you are not in pain any longer than necessary.

Even if you are new to Amber Hills Dental, do not hesitate to contact us right away if you have a dental emergency. We welcome all urgent dental care needs for existing and new patients. We accept many dental plans and have financing available to help you cover unexpected dental expenses.

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Emergency FAQs

What is a dental emergency?

Some things are unquestionably dental emergencies. For example, uncontrolled bleeding or infections that may compromise your health need immediate attention. Trauma that puts the health of your tooth at risk or compromises your airways is also considered an emergency. But many other dental issues could also need emergency care, especially if you are in pain. Always call Amber Hills Dental if you are in doubt about what to do.

Is a tooth falling out an emergency?

Call the office immediately for instructions if a permanent tooth is knocked out. Quick action on your part can often help save the tooth. Rinse the debris off the tooth and bring it with you to our office as soon as possible in a sealed container of milk. Be careful not to touch the root of the tooth. If a tooth that has been loose for some time due to gum disease or another issue falls out we’ll want to see you soon to talk about replacement options, but the situation is not an emergency.

How quickly can I get an emergency dental appointment?

Emergencies are seen promptly at Amber Hills Dental. Keep our phone number in your contacts so you can call our office right away if you have an emergency. We leave room in our schedule for the unexpected so we are usually able to see you the very same day, and in some cases almost immediately.

Are emergency dental procedures covered by insurance?

Most dental insurance plans cover at least a portion of emergency services provided in a dental office. They typically do not cover trips to a hospital emergency room. Because insurance coverage varies, it’s a good idea to study your plan so you know what to expect before an emergency happens. Our Henderson, NV team can help you with insurance questions.

How much do emergency dental procedures cost?

The cost of emergency dental procedures varies widely since there are many different emergency scenarios. We understand emergency treatment is often an expected financial burden for our patients but we don’t want anyone to put off getting the care they need. Amber Hills Dental offers flexible payment options. Many procedures are discounted for members of our Premier Dental Savers Plan. Preventive care is included in the plan which can prevent the need for some kinds of emergency care.

When should I go to the ER for tooth pain?

Hospital emergency rooms are not equipped to handle dental emergencies. The ER can provide painkillers or antibiotics but the tooth problem will not go away until it has been addressed by a dentist. If the pain is severe, take an over-the-counter pain reliever to make it manageable until you can get an emergency dental appointment. You should not go to a hospital emergency room for tooth pain unless you have also suffered some other kind of physical trauma that needs to be taken care of by a hospital.

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