Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implants are as close to natural teeth as you can obtain through restorative dentistry. They are a wonderful investment in your oral and overall health. However, they do require care and maintenance, just like natural teeth. At Amber Hills Dental, we are your dental implant experts in the greater Henderson area. We can help you maintain your implant and offer restoration and repairs when needed.

Many dental implants can last the rest of your life, especially when they are expertly inserted and properly maintained. However, there are issues that can occur, especially with older dental implants. The posts can shift or become loose or the dental crown can need replacement. Dr. Villamayor is an expert in dental implant dentistry and can complete dental implant restorations at our office, along with maintenance and repairs. In some cases, a dental implant may need to be completely replaced. Whatever your implant restoration requires, Dr. Villamayor has a deep expertise in implant restoration dentistry so please call and schedule your consultation today.

Implant Repairs

One of the most common repairs that dental implants need is new dental crown placement. Like natural teeth, dental crowns can crack, chip or break. Unlike natural teeth, a dental implant will not let you know there is a problem with pain. You can have a broken implant that needs repair without knowing there is a problem if it is not visible. Regular exams and checkups are recommended for your dental implants so Dr. Villamayor can inspect and examine the health of your implants and make any needed repairs.

Your dental implants are a substantial investment that need ongoing care and maintenance. Contact Amber Hills Dental today to receive excellent care for your oral health, including dental implant restorations and repairs. Most dental insurance plans are accepted, plus we have payment options available.

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