Dentures are the most common restorative dentistry treatment, used by millions of people of all ages. While they are more common for those in their golden years, they can be an option for anyone looking to replace missing teeth. Although dentures have been around for centuries, the ones available now are much more comfortable and natural-appearing than their predecessors. At Amber Hills Dental, we have beautiful modern dentures that can give you back your complete smile.

Missing teeth are more than a cosmetic issue. When you have several or more teeth missing, it changes your life. You may not be able to eat the same foods, especially those crunchy fruits and vegetables that are good for your health. Your speech can be affected and you may look older than your years. Dentures can give you back a healthier, higher quality of life.

Full & Complete Dentures

When you are missing all or most of your teeth, full or complete dentures can give you back your smile. Full dentures replace either the top or bottom set of teeth, fitting comfortably with your existing natural teeth. Complete denture sets have both upper and lower teeth for a complete new smile. These options can give you back your ability to eat many of the foods you love and improve your overall appearance. Many people look years younger once they come to us for a new set of full or complete dentures.

Partial Dentures

When you are missing just a few of your teeth, you have a few solutions available at Amber Hills Dental. Dental bridges and implants are often the most preferred, but they are not always an option for all of our patients. Partial dentures can give you back your smile and are one of the most affordable restorative options for those missing a few teeth.

Contact us today and come learn more about all our restorative dentistry options at Amber Hills Dental, including quality dentures. We accept many dental insurance plans and can help you with obtaining financing.

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