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Foods To Avoid in November

Thanksgiving feasts can be exciting, but there are certain items that are best in moderation! Learn about foods to avoid on our dental blog!

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Are You Flossing Properly?

Are you flossing properly? Our Henderson, NV dentist details how you should be flossing in order to maintain complete oral health!

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Chemistry of Fluoride

What is fluoride? What does fluoride do for your teeth? Learn the answers to these questions and more on our Henderson, NV dental blog!

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Gum Disease Disguise

Learn about the warning signs of gum disease on our dental blog! Don't let your gums or bad breath frighten those around you! Call today for more!

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The Road to Dental Health

Check out our dental blog to learn our Henderson, NV dentist's top tips on achieving and maintaining total oral health! Call today for more!

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