What Does It Mean If Your Teeth Fall Out In Your Dream?

December 27, 2023 7:09 pm

Aerial view of a drawing of a woman sleeping and dreaming of her teeth falling out

You have probably seen a character in a movie or TV show get hit in the face or fall and have multiple teeth fall out. You may even have had a dream where this terrifying event happened to your mouth. Yikes! This jarring and frightful dream may leave you wondering if it has a hidden meaning.

While dream interpretation isn’t necessarily evidence-based or scientific, it can sometimes provide you with insight into your conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings.

Anxiety & Stress

If you’re experiencing stress in your waking life, that stress can follow you into your dreams. Stress and anxiety can be due to challenges at work, turmoil in your relationships, grief, worries over your appearance, or health-related. If you feel you’ve lost control in areas of your life, you can sometimes lose things, like your teeth, in your dreams.

Try to eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, avoid tobacco products, and exercise several days a week. For example, yoga and stretching can help relieve tension in your body.

Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth in your sleep could influence you to have dreams about losing your teeth, and vice-versa. Teeth grinding is often stress-induced so stressful dreams can contribute to teeth grinding. If you grind your teeth, you should wear a custom nightguard to protect your teeth from sensitivity and damage.

Dental Injuries

You may experience stressful dreams about your teeth if you’ve recently broken or chipped a tooth, experienced a dental emergency in the past that was particularly traumatic, or have a mouth piercing that you worry could put your teeth at risk.

Compassionate Family Dentistry in Henderson, NV

While dreaming of your teeth falling out isn’t a genuine dental emergency, visiting your dentist for a checkup could set your mind at ease about the health of your teeth and gums. At Amber Hills Dentistry, we offer family-friendly, comprehensive dentistry. We welcome patients as young as six months old. Please check our our website for more information about our services and contact us to schedule your appointment!


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