Teeth Numbers & Names

November 28, 2023 6:53 pm

At Amber Hills Dental, we love to talk about teeth! Are you planning cosmetic adjustments to your smile or struggling to name where you’re experiencing some discomfort? We can guide you through everything you need to know about your teeth, including their names and corresponding numbers.

Teeth Names

Your mouth can be divided into four essentially symmetrical parts, or quadrants. Each of these quadrants has 4 types of teeth within it, and each tooth serves an important role in your bite. A typical mouth has:

  • At the front of your mouth, you have (4) central incisors and (4) lateral incisors for biting into food
  • In the corners of your smile, you have (4) pointy canines for holding and tearing food
  • Next to the canines, there are (4) first premolars and then (4) second premolars that help grind food
  • At the back, you have (4) first molars, (4) second molars, and (0-4) third molars, or wisdom teeth, that grind food

Illustration of 32 upper and lower teeth with their numbers and names

Teeth Numbers

Most adults have at least 28-32 permanent teeth. If your dentist were to open your mouth and start counting your teeth, number one would be where a wisdom tooth might be on the right side of your mouth. From there, they would count clockwise around your jaw until they reached the wisdom tooth on the lower right quadrant of your mouth. This method of numbering allows for fast, accurate, and consistent identification of teeth for medical use between your healthcare providers.

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