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The History of the Tooth Fairy

Read Amber Hills Dental's blog to learn about how the American Tooth Fairy tradition began. We also reveal how much the Tooth Fairy pays per tooth nowadays!

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What to Do in a Dental Emergency

Read Amber Hills Dental's blog for tips to handle common emergencies, like a knocked-out tooth. If you have a dental emergency, call us at (702) 943-0900!

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Resolving To Drink More Water This Year? Think Twice Before You Reach For Sparkling Water.

Happy New Year from our team at Amber Hills Dental. We are honored to serve you in 2018 with our innovative and caring dental practice. Did you make your resolutions for 2018 yet?

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Do Your Kids Only Enjoy An Elf’s Four Main Food Groups?

It’s December! How many times have you watched the movie Elf this month? It’s become a family tradition for so many. The popularity of the movie probably is due to the fact that we all can or want to identify with Buddy The Elf. He acts like a kid, and both kids and adults secretly envy his lack of inhibitions, snowball throwing ability, and diet.

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Motivated For Something More?

At Amber Hills Dental, we make it our priority to help you maintain optimal dental health. During our cleaning and checkup appointments, we ensure you’re on the right track to maintaining a healthy mouth and teeth.

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Fall Is A Great Time For Dental Changes For Your Children

Amber Hills Dental loves children. Fall is such a fun month to be around kids. The costumes, tricks and treats provide so much joy to all those around. Fall is also a great time to enjoy the changing of the leaves. The fall colors provide a beautiful backdrop to the fall festivals, apple bobbing and trick-or-treating.

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Common Questions About Implants

Unless you’ve experienced a loss of a tooth or a congenitally missing tooth, you may have never heard of dental implants before. Due to the fact that implants have a totally natural appearance, most people don’t even know that someone has one in their mouth.

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Convenient Scheduling For You

At Amber Hills Dental, we know that the word “convenience” is relative. There’s no schedule that is set in stone. These days, everyone’s schedule looks different. Even within your family, every member has their own activities that they need to be at. It can get complicated trying to fit everything in.

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Your Baby's First

There’s a first time for everything! When you have a baby, it seems like every day they are experiencing a new first. Remember the first time you walked in your sweetpea’s bedroom to find her not in the same position that you left her? How about the first time he sat up on his own.

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Invisalign – Your Dental ‘Little Black Dress’

Every girl has one! That little black dress that you know is your staple item in your closet. How did that one dress rise to the top of the winning podium as the best dress in your closet? That little black dress has winning power because it goes with everything. It can be dressed up or down.

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