Dental Bridges

Do you hide your teeth in social situations due to missing teeth? Stop hiding and start smiling. Dental bridges are just one of the many cosmetic dentistry services we offer at Amber Hills Dental. Your smile is an important part of your appearance. Feel confident to show it again with a new dental bridge.

Missing teeth are more than just a cosmetic issue. With gaps left in your smile, your other teeth can begin to shift. Alignment issues can follow, as well as difficulty fighting off gum disease. When there are gaps in your smile, bacteria find convenient places to hide and can begin causing infection in your gums. Missing front teeth can also affect your speech. If you are ready to get back your complete smile, having a dental bridge procedure may be the right option for you.

How Do Dental Bridges Work?

A dental bridge is a combination of prosthetic teeth, hardware and dental crowns. To complete a dental bridge, there must be teeth on either side of the gap. These are the anchor teeth that will hold the bridge in place. Dental crowns are formed and fitted to these anchor teeth that will have hardware attached to hold the prosthetic teeth in place. When the procedure is completed, you will have two new dental crowns that support the artificial teeth that replace the ones that are missing. The look is natural and it is a permanent fixture, unlike partial dentures that can be removed or slip out of place.

You deserve to look and feel your best when you are in social situations. Having a complete, beautiful smile can give you the confidence to enjoy life to its fullest. If missing teeth are making you self-conscious, contact us today for an appointment and come see us at Amber Hills Dental. We can assess your dental situation to determine whether a dental bridge is the right option to replace your missing teeth. We also offer dental implants and dentures that are other excellent options.

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What are dental bridges used for?

In the unfortunate event that you’re missing teeth, dental bridges can literally bridge the gap created by those missing teeth. Dental bridges are commonly used when filler teeth are necessary to preserve the remaining natural teeth and their structure. While a dental bridge can restore your smile, dental bridges also are used to maintain the shape of your face, restore your ability to chew and speak comfortably and correctly, and evenly distribute the force of your bite!

Do dental bridges require any special dental care?

Even though a dental bridge is crafted out of prosthetic teeth, hardware, and dental crowns, the care for a dental bridge isn’t much different from caring for your natural teeth. We highly recommend and encourage you to brush for two minutes each day and floss regularly. You may notice it is easier to floss around the natural teeth but don’t forget to floss between the base of the bridge and gum tissue. Maintaining good oral hygiene with a dental bridge is essential to prevent gum disease or decay of the supporting teeth.

Should I get a crown, implant, or dental bridge?

Dental crowns can be helpful when your tooth is severely damaged or weak. A dental bridge can be beneficial when you’re missing one or more teeth entirely. An implant can be a long-lasting solution when you need to replace damaged or missing teeth. Depending on your situation, one restoration may suit your treatment better. However, dental bridges remain a commonly used device to replace missing natural teeth.

How much do dental bridges cost?

Rather than intensive oral surgery to replace a tooth, dental bridges are an affordable option for replacement. The dental bridge cost can range depending on the type of bridge and how many teeth are necessary to restore your smile. We offer a wide range of financial option to help you make your bridge as affordable as possible.