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Should I Take My Baby To The Dentist?

Henderson NV Children's DentistCongratulations to you if you just had a baby. Aren't they the best? They rob you of sleep. They can produce a massive stench. They can sometimes discard unwanted items in their tummies that can go all over your new shirt. But, for all of those things babies produce, we sure do love them. Babies can bring you more joy than you've ever experienced in your life. Somehow they make your heart swell with love beyond what you ever knew it could. Babies are a gift and a treasure.

You'd do anything for your baby. Making sure you've got all of your baby safety bases are covered is sometimes stressful. All of the "what ifs" swirl around in your head as you wonder if they're healthy, safe and comfortable. It's amazing the amount of money spent on newborns with all of the gadgets and technology used to keep them healthy and safe. It's estimated that parents spend roughly $12,000 on their newborns first year of life.

One area many parents overlook in their newborns is that of dental care. This is due largely to the fact that your newborn doesn't have teeth! However, did you know that it's ideal to schedule your child's first dental appointment when they are six months old? It's true! During a six-month appointment you can expect to discuss dental care for your baby. It's sad to see that the number of preschoolers with cavities is grown; therefore, preventative care is necessary. Your appointment will go quickly and will serve to begin building a positive relationship between the dentist and your child. The dentist will also check for early signs of tooth decay.

Book your six-month appointment today with Amber Hills Dental to start your baby on the right track toward dental health.

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