How Long Do the Effects of Teeth Whitening Last?

July 30, 2020 8:35 pm

Brunette woman in a white shirt smiles against a blue wall after teeth whitening in Henderson, NV

The enamel of your teeth naturally dulls as you age. Stained teeth aren’t necessarily unhealthy, but many patients choose to whiten their teeth to look younger or feel more confident in their smile.

Teeth whitening is one of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments. Let’s talk about how to make the most out of getting your teeth whitened.

How Long Do Teeth Whitening Effects Last?

Professional teeth whitening effects are not permanent. The results can last for a few months to several years. So why is there a range in time? This is because teeth whitening effects vary depending on how the person takes care of their teeth.

Tips on How to Make Teeth Whitening Last Longer

There are some tips on how to make your professional teeth whitening last longer. Personal lifestyle choices can make a difference. Here are some things to consider to prolong the effects of your teeth whitening.

Avoid Coffee, Red Wine, and Tea

These dark-colored liquids can stain your teeth. Over time, a daily morning cup of coffee or a glass of wine in the evening can cause your teeth to stain again.

Stop Smoking & Using Tobacco Products

There are many reasons not to smoke or use tobacco. Strictly from a dental perspective, the tar and nicotine in tobacco products can cause stained teeth, bad breath, dry mouth, and oral cancer.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing your teeth twice a day and daily flossing will help remove food particles and plaque that contribute to teeth staining. Additionally, come visit Amber Hills Dental every six months for a routine cleaning and checkup.

Teeth Whitening at Amber Hills Dental

Amber Hills Dental offers teeth bleaching options for patients wanting a brighter smile. Professional bleaching is often quicker and has better results compared to whitening strips available in stores. Contact our office today to learn more about our professional teeth whitening options.


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