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Are Fluoride Treatments Safe for Kids?

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Fluoride is a natural mineral found in the earth and some foods. It is often added to community supplies of drinking water. Fluoride exposure in safe doses can help prevent tooth decay for kids, teens, and adults.

A fluoride treatment is a preventive service offered at the dentist. This application of concentrated fluoride is highly beneficial in fortifying both developing and fully grown teeth. The fluoride is absorbed into the crystalline mineral structure to make it stronger. Calcium and phosphorus are also important minerals for this remineralization process.

How Often Should Kids Get a Fluoride Treatment?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children should be exposed to some form of fluoride each day, through their toothpaste or water, and have at least two treatments during the year.

How Safe Is Fluoride for Kids?

When applied or consumed in reasonable amounts, fluoride treatments and products with fluoride are safe and beneficial for patients of nearly any age. Our team applies a safe amount of fluoride in our fluoride treatments. Too much fluoride can cause dental fluorosis, which changes how the enamel looks. However, this is uncommon.

Benefits of Fluoride

  • Fortifies teeth & increases protection from tooth decay
  • Reverses early-stage tooth decay
  • Saves patients money on future dental treatments
  • Can reduce the amount of acid from bacteria

Pediatric Dental Care in Henderson, NV

Fluoride treatments, along with a balanced diet and daily brushing and flossing, will promote strong and healthy teeth! At Amber Hills Dental, we offer preventive and children’s dentistry services, including fluoride treatments. Contact us today to schedule appointments for your whole family!