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Fall Is A Great Time For Dental Changes For Your Children

Henderson NV Children's DentistryAmber Hills Dental loves children. Fall is such a fun month to be around kids. The costumes, tricks and treats provide so much joy to all those around. Fall is also a great time to enjoy the changing of the leaves. The fall colors provide a beautiful backdrop to the fall festivals, apple bobbing and trick-or-treating.

During this season of change, you may want to consider making dental changes for your children as well. When you book your children’s dentistry appointment with Dr. Aimee Villamayor, she can evaluate your child’s specific needs and determine if any changes need to be made.

One common dental change that you may want to consider is dental sealants. While your child’s teeth are changing and developing, depressions and grooves are forming in their chewing surfaces of the enamel. These areas of depth are almost impossible to keep clean. Therefore, the deep areas become places where plaque can hide and cause tooth decay.

A dental sealant offers your child a thin barrier over the deep areas and don’t allow for plaque to form in them. The sealant is a transparent shaded plastic material applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. The sealants can last for several years, and will be monitored by Dr. Aimee Villamayor during dental checkups and cleanings.

Book your children’s dentistry appointment at Amber Hills Dental today. Dr. Aimee Villamayor loves children and has created an environment that will make your child feel safe, cared for and valued.

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