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Common Questions About Implants

Henderson NV Restorative Dental TreatmentsUnless you’ve experienced a loss of a tooth or a congenitally missing tooth, you may have never heard of dental implants before. Due to the fact that implants have a totally natural appearance, most people don’t even know that someone has one in their mouth.

Here are some common questions we hear about dental implants.

“What are dental implants?”

Dental implants are similar to an anchor. They are surgically placed ‘screw-like’ titanium anchors that will be the secure base or root for a naturally looking replacement tooth to be placed. Their overall success rate is about 95% and backed by over 50 years of clinical research. They are frequently referred to as the best treatment option for missing teeth.

“What are the advantages of dental implants?” 

Dental implants provide many advantages. They help maintain and preserve your bone. They allow you to chew more securely. They enable you to maintain your normal flossing and brushing. They help boost your self-esteem associated with your tooth loss.

“Am I a good candidate for an implant?” 

Unless you are still growing, you typically are a good candidate for a dental implant. However, at Amber Hills Dental, we know that all mouths are uniquely made. Dr. Villamayor will want to sit with you to discuss your smile goals and discover your dental history and habits. She will evaluate if you are a good candidate to receive the huge benefits of dental implants. Call and book your appointment with Dr. Villamayor at Amber Hills Dental today.

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