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Root Canal Therapy

Are you under the impression that root canal therapy is a painful dental treatment? You are not alone. This myth has been around for decades, most likely started due to the main reason for seeking root canal therapy – extreme tooth pain. The fact is that root canals are no more painful than filling a large cavity. What is painful is the infected tooth that is pressing down on the nerve inside. At Amber Hills Dental, we can stop the pain and save your infected tooth with gentle, virtually painless root canal therapy.

Infections inside of the tooth that require root canal therapy usually stem from decay or damage to the tooth. The exterior or outer layer of the tooth becomes compromised and allows bacteria and decay into the interior pulp of the tooth. This layer is softer and decays quicker than the outer tooth, quickly working down to the root. When this infection takes hold, the inflammation or abscess can begin killing the nerve, causing extreme pain.


Root Canals Offer Pain Relief for Infected Teeth!

Once the infection has reached the nerve root, there are only two options: extraction or root canal therapy. Saving your tooth is always the best option when possible. Root canal therapy removes the infected portion of the tooth, including the nerve root. Once the nerve is gone, so is your pain. The tooth then can be repacked with sterile material and covered with a dental crown for protection. In one visit to our office, the infected tooth pain will be gone.

There is no reason to fear root canal therapy, especially when you come to Amber Hills Dental. We always ensure our patients are comfortable with a cozy blanket and pillow. You can watch a show on Netflix on the flat screen TV using wireless headphones while we do your root canal. Or choose a sedation option and just drift off while we fix your tooth. Contact us today to stop the pain and save your tooth.

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