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General Dentistry Services

Your smile is an important part of who you are, from your appearance to your overall health. With our dental treatments at Amber Hills Dental, we want you to look your best and have a smile that benefits your wellness goals. We offer a wide variety of general dental services to meet your needs, from routine checkups and cleanings to repair and therapy options to protect the health of your smile. Contact us today for an appointment.

Join Our Dental Family

We want you to become part of the Amber Hills Dental family. We take care of you and your family like we would our own. That all starts with our general dentistry services that maintain your family’s smiles and prevent oral health issues. We are here for all your dental needs in a friendly, welcoming environment that will make you feel at home.

Comprehensive Dentistry Henderson, NV

Cleanings and Checkups

The best way to keep your family’s dental costs low is through preventive care. Checkups and cleanings should be the cornerstone of your oral care. We recommend our patients come in for a thorough exam at least once per year and have cleanings every six months. This can prevent many oral health issues and help catch small issues before they become dental emergencies.

Most insurance plans cover cleanings and checkups. For those without insurance, we have our Dental Savers Plan that is an affordable option to get the basic preventive care you need for optimal oral health.

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General Dentistry Henderson, NV

Cracked Tooth Repair

A crack in a tooth can lead to many dental problems and become very painful. At Amber Hills Dental, we can fix cracked teeth using the latest dental technology available. In most cases, we can save a damaged tooth with bonding, fillings, inlays or a beautiful dental crown. At the first symptoms of a cracked tooth, give us a call. If it is causing you pain, we often can get you in the same day for a quick repair to stop the discomfort and fix the issue.

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Dental Crowns Henderson, NV

Dental Crowns

There are many reasons why you may need a dental crown. A damaged tooth that needs protection can be saved with a dental crown. Teeth that have large fillings or have had root canal therapy performed can become susceptible to damage; a dental crown can protect the tooth. We also use dental crowns when performing restorative dentistry such as dental bridges or dental implants. Our team at Amber Hills Dental can fit you for a beautiful crown that is comfortable, functional and looks like a natural tooth.

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Emergency Dentistry Henderson, NV

Emergency Dentistry

No one wants to wait longer than necessary when they have a dental emergency. Call us first when you need emergency dental care. We make urgent dental needs a priority and keep room in our busy schedule to see our patients when they need emergency care. In most cases, we can see you the same day to care for you or your family’s urgent dental needs.

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Gum Disease Henderson, NV

Gum Disease

Your teeth are only part of your oral health. Caring for your gum tissue is just as important as your teeth. Gum disease is prevalent in adults and can lead to serious oral and overall health issues. At Amber Hills Dental, we work with our patients to prevent gum disease through preventive care. When gum disease or gingivitis begins, we can effectively treat this issue and often reverse the disease if we catch it in the early stages.

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Root Canals Henderson, NV

Root Canal Therapy

An infected tooth can be painful and put your tooth at risk for extraction. Root canal therapy is the best way to save most infected teeth and relieve the pain associated with this issue. Our team at Amber Hills Dental can perform gentle root canal therapy, making you comfortable during your treatment. We have sedation dentistry options for those that prefer extra help relaxing during complex dental treatments like root canals. Keep in mind that root canal therapy is not painful – it is the infected tooth that causes pain and this treatment is the best way to stop that pain.

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Periodontal Therapy Henderson, NV

Periodontal Therapy

Periodontitis or gum disease can jeopardize your teeth and can put you at risk for other serious health problems. At Amber Hills Dental, we offer effective periodontal therapy to get gum disease under control. We can help restore your gum health and prevent the disease from progressing using proven methods for treating periodontitis. The sooner we can stop the progression, the better chance we have of saving your teeth and protecting your overall health.

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Same Day Dentistry Henderson, NV

Same Day Dentistry

When you need dental care, you cannot always wait days or weeks for treatment. We understand that at Amber Hills Dental. We offer same day dentistry for our patients when they need emergency care or just cannot schedule advance appointments. Call us to find out if we can see you today – in many cases, we can.

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Tooth Extractions Henderson, NV

Tooth Extractions /Wisdom Teeth Removal

Dr. Villamayor is experienced in performing oral surgery, including tooth extractions. While we prefer to save teeth whenever possible, when removal is necessary, we offer a relaxed, comfortable environment for this treatment.

For those with dental anxiety or our patients having multiple teeth removed at once, we have sedation options to make the experience stress-free. Relax or sleep while we perform your tooth extraction; it will be over before you know it.

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