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How to Keep Your Dentures Clean

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Dentures are prosthetic appliances created to replace missing teeth. It's important to take good care of your dentures to avoid inflamed gums, pain, bacteria buildup, bad breath, and costly repairs. Follow these tips to keep your dentures clean:

1. Rinse Frequently

Though dentures are a restorative dentistry option to replace missing teeth, they require some different maintenance than natural teeth. After snacking, eating a meal, or drinking a beverage other than water, it is best to rinse your dentures. Frequently rinsing them can help prevent food particles from getting stuck in the appliance and under your gums, and help prevent staining or discoloration of the dentures.

2. Brush Daily

Toothpaste can cause damage to dentures because of its abrasive texture. Instead, use a soft-bristled brush with a designated denture or retainer cleaner or baking soda.

3. Soak Nightly

Brushing and rinsing your dentures helps remove bits of food and bacteria that can build up from eating or drinking. You should also soak your dentures every day in a cleaning solution specially formulated for dentures or retainers to remove any stubborn bacteria and stains. Soaking the dentures also helps them keep their shape, prevents them from drying out, and gives your gums a break.

4. Avoid Hot Water

Avoid using hot water when rinsing, brushing, or soaking, as it can negatively affect the shape of the dentures. Use cool to lukewarm water.

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Dentures image from Authority Dental under CC 2.0